mei 3, 2024

The Human Factor

The human factor and his feeling, wisdom, and thinking ability are what we need to educate and develop in every one of us. In a digital world with increasing AI…
april 17, 2024

Stress relief and self-care via coaching

Stree relief coaching is the immediate effect of coaching Do you remember how certain songs, movies, or smells can transport you back to a particular time or place or remind…
januari 1, 2024

Optimizing Productivity

Empowering Environments through Coaching and the Transformation Cycle Entrepreneurs and organizations have the objective of being productive and efficient. The bottom line is the driving force behind every company, which…
december 5, 2023

Coaching Overview – Prices

Coaching individual, workshop, and facilitation Coaching is a highly effective process that can bring about significant positive changes in the workplace. It involves working closely with individuals or teams to…
december 5, 2023

Consulting Overview – Prices

Consulting In today's global market, education and training are essential for organizations and their partners to succeed. This is especially true in the beauty and wellness industry, where consumers are…
Psychological safety, in this room and with this group I am safeBlog
juli 17, 2023

Psychological Safety at work or the giving cycle

Twenty years ago, while being the National Spa Director for twelve locations at  Tricoci in Chicago, I presented a management philosophy to a large group of executives in the wellness…
mei 17, 2023

The Transformation Cycle

If you have ever felt that you have not reached your full potential and know there is more, The Transformation Cycle is an easy three steps process that can be…
november 12, 2022

Curiosity and resilience are closely connected.

Curiosity is the spark that keeps us going and alive. Curiosity drives us to gain more knowledge and information about ourselves, our families, our colleagues, the world, and humanity. Asking…
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mei 18, 2022


Ce matin en me réveillant, je me suis posée la question suivante : comment désire-t-on aller de l’avant? Avec l'état d'esprit ou la disposition d'esprit, est-ce la solution? Pour construire…
maart 20, 2022

The voices of education

Education is a learning journey full of diverse teachers and masters. So many different voices allow us to fulfill our connection with knowledge and confidence. As the cliché says: knowledge…
januari 4, 2022

Beautifying aging

Beautifying aging versus anti-aging With 25 years of beauty industry experience, I have had the message of anti-aging engrained in my mind for many years. Ever since I can remember,…
augustus 11, 2021

Wellness remake beauty

Or is it beauty that remakes wellness? The choice to take care of ourselves is individual; it is a decision and a commitment apparent to each of us. Personally, I…
juni 7, 2021

Mental wellness versus mental health, the new subtilty.

Mental wellness and mental health are strongly connected, but when someone from my LinkedIn network posed this question, it had me thinking. I think there is a difference between the…
return to the officeBlog
mei 12, 2021

The return to the office

Four basic steps to create a harmonious team return to the office As we are slowly looking for a return to the office for all medium to large companies, we…
april 14, 2021

A feminist, am I a feminist?

 In my opinion, they are no short answer to this question. A few months back, someone asked me if I was a feminist, and I have to say it took…
BlogFrench - Francais
april 7, 2021

La respiration consciente pour vivre mieux

Notre respiration est gérée par notre système nerveux végétatif, ce qui signifie que nous respirons instinctivement. « Génial » vous me direz, mais, en fait, pas nécessairement. Comme la respiration est automatique…
Re-emergence keynote speachBlog
maart 27, 2021

Re-emergence is the state we live in 2021

Re-emergence is making us dance on one foot and the other, but it is not a fun dance. I love dancing, but this one is boring! It has been over a…
maart 2, 2021

Agile and agility, is this a trend?

Wow, did we become agile in the last months or not! In the last year, most of us have been confronted with obstacles, professionally, personally, and emotionally. Learning to be…
februari 4, 2021

A little more about me…

My friends describe me as an inspiring leader with an analytical, visionary & critical personality. But the real question is, how would I describe myself? Hmmm… First, my heart is…
februari 4, 2021

The beginning of the story

Like millions of people in 2020, I used this year to regroup and reflect. Having ample time to contemplate my personal and professional life has been incredibly enlightening. During the…