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Wow, did we become agile in the last months or not!

In the last year, most of us have been confronted with obstacles, professionally, personally, and emotionally.

Learning to be agile is not an easy task. I am always so impressed how cats are physically agile; they are beautiful to watch, and no matter what the situation is, they always land on their paws.

It is not quite the same for us humans, but even if we do not land on our feet right away, we will end up back on our feet eventually. That is agility and what matters is the result.

You are probably asking yourself, what is the definition of agility?

According to the Cambridge dictionary, it is the ability to move quickly and easily around a situation and negotiate obstacles for the best outcome.

Negotiating obstacles…negotiating is the keyword here, NOT avoiding. As life throws many challenges, we have to look at these obstacles as they come, and we need to negotiate to learn how to work with and around them. Like negotiating a turn on the road with a car, we usually see it coming; we slow down and adjust the wheels to correctly assess the turn before accelerating. The same applies to life, slow down, assess, think, adjust your position, accelerate and go…

If you are alive today and are making plans or working and living fully (or as much as our governments allow us to), YOU are agile.

This is the only way to thrive, and no, it is not a trend; it is here to stay.

Of course, it is not easy, we all have been out of our comfort zone for some time, and it is only normal that we feel discouraged and exhausted. Our anxiety levels are heightened more than ever. On the other hand, we should pat ourselves on the back because we have been agile! We have been flexible enough to adapt to the situation, perhaps rapidly. Our mind is thinking in a subtle yet and spirited way to discover solutions. Sharpness is certainly the new normal. These are amazing qualities, and we have been pushed to acquire them, but there is one thing that is slowing us down, and it is identifying the potential obstacles.

Identifying obstacles is the number one issue!

Most of the time, they are in our faces and really close to us, but because they are part of the daily routine because they have carved a place there, it is hard to see and recognize them. Detecting and pinpointing them takes time and willingness, and once uncovered, the world opens up to us.

Within the transformation cycle, we work together and use techniques to Regroup, Relive, and Remotion. By identifying the obstacles, negotiating, and analyzing how we turn the challenges into opportunities, the solutions will open themselves to you.

Come and regroup with me and become a master at being agile.

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