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Like millions of people in 2020, I used this year to regroup and reflect.

It is so enlightening to have time to think through everything in my personal and professional life. All of the spare time in the first confinement allowed me to dig deeper into the thoughts that had been circling in my head for years. I already knew a long time ago that I wanted and needed to be someone else or just become a bit more ME. All these years I have been wanting something but I always found excuses not to take action or at least explore. 2020 gave me that time and peace to be confronted with my thoughts; finally providing me with the motivation to take action.

What you see here, in this project, is the effect of years, months and hours of collecting experiences to create a new version of myself. Nothing is over until we say it is over, everything is new when we allow ourselves to be new. All is possible when we truly want it.

So, with this, I allow myself to renew and reach for something I have always wanted and dreamed of. I allow myself to be ME and I free myself of all of the blocks I have built along my journey. Time to rev up my future!

No one, not even myself or my age will stop me as I am ready to share and become your personal blueprint developer to refuel your fire and draft the NEW YOU…

Starting new at 50+ is being reborn!!!

Dare to do it…

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