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Like millions of people in 2020, I used this year to regroup and reflect.

Having ample time to contemplate my personal and professional life has been incredibly enlightening. During the first confinement, I was able to delve deeper into thoughts that had been lingering in my mind for years. I had long known that I desired to be someone else or at least become more authentic to myself. Despite this, I always made excuses and failed to take action or explore my aspirations. However, 2020 allowed me to confront my thoughts and ultimately find the motivation to take action.

This project results from years, months, and hours of collecting experiences to create a better version of myself. We never give up until we decide it’s over, and we can always start fresh and embrace new possibilities. If we have a genuine desire for something, anything is possible.

I am taking this opportunity to renew and pursue something that I have always wanted and dreamed of. It’s time for me to be true to myself and let go of all the obstacles I have created. I am excited to rev up my future!

Nothing, not even my age or any other obstacle, will prevent me from being your personal blueprint developer. I’m here to help you reignite your passion and create the NEW YOU.

Embarking on a new journey at the age of 50 and above is akin to a fresh start in life!

Dare to do it…

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