Do you know how to find the right direction in life?

"You are made of your own experiences. Do not forget them, they are part of you" Fabienne Lindholm

Take action, it is time to move on…But how?

Finding a direction in our lives can be a weird feeling. Perhaps you don’t feel completely fulfilled, even though you possess all you need and are super successful. Sometimes we tend to feel guilty about it; we convince ourselves that everything is fine, but this uncomfortable feeling does not disappear.

Each of us will find our own way by using these three simple Transformation Cycle steps:

  • Regroup
  • Relive
  • Remotion
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Who is Fabienne


Her story started in 1967 in the small town of St. Claude, France. At the age of 14, she decided to move to the big city of Lyon, where she embarked on a new journey of beauty and wellness, which became the foundation of her future. Years later, she moved to Chicago to experience American life and educate professionals about European beauty and wellbeing, where she lived for 25 years. Her international career in the spa and skincare industry expanded, which allowed her to work with many different cultures.

“Throw yourself out there”

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As a marathoner, this is the number Fabienne has run


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Languages; French and English

You are made of your own experiences. Do not forget them, they are part of you.

Look back to move forward

If you do not try, you will not know

If you cannot get out of it, get into it

Follow your little voice

Throw yourself out there

The earth is in constant motion and so are we

You can be an extraordinary person while living an ordinary life

Revisit your past, you maybe surprised in new findings

Keynote speaker - Fabienne Lindholm

Revving up our life equals a new start. It is a way to add fuel to the fire inside ourselves. Keynote speaker Fabienne helps you discover your true self and fill your mind with renewed energy, and it will make you experience what the future could be like. Fabienne will lead you through different steps to create your next journey’s blueprint.

During the 30 years of developing skills in the work field and collecting many life experiences, she has helped businessmen and women become the best version. She will emphasize how self-made professionals can win in this world of academics and highlight that anyone has the possibility to grow at any age in any field of work.

Regroup yourself and make sure you relive. If you want renewed energy, vitality, dynamism, vigor, liveliness and fun, you need Fabienne to REV UP YOUR LIFE or your business.

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Now, investigate your past, dig into your positive experiences and project them onto your future:

it is time to Remotion.

"Fabienne has strong skills in bringing people together to produce collaborative outcomes. Her abilities to coach with impactful dedication have enabled me to clearly see my next step forward" - V.S

"Fabienne has inspired me and with all her advice, it really has set an example for what I want to emulate in my career."- M.M

"Fabienne's impact as a global presenter & public speaker offers strategic content that inspires diverse audience. Her messages are impactful, thought-provoking and instill the mindset for change and growth" - H:S

"Fabienne is such a great speaker and motivator." - C A

"Fabienne, avec son dynamisme mesuré, son ouverture d’esprit et surtout sa confiance en
chaque projet d’avenir est pour moi beaucoup plus que quelqu’un qui est passionnée par ce qu’elle fait, elle est, et ressent ce qu’elle affirme chaque jour dans ce projet. Elle a cette légère extravagance bien à elle qui doit nous pousser à trouver la nôtre et l’affirmer." - L.E.M

"Fabienne provided a session on self-confidence, the participant's feedback was very positive and I am happy to recommend her to anyone who is looking for a thought-provocating speaker" - Quad Consultancy - M.J.G

"During one of our meeting, Fabienne provided us a workshop in redifining values. Our own and the one of the chamber. She is kind, agile and adjustable to the situation and inspirational." - JCI - Junior Chamber International Mergelland



We understant that it can be difficult to get moving into a unknown territory and it is important for both party to feel comfortable sharing ideas. That is why this 30 minutes session is complementary. We can then decide what is the best way to go forward.


Starting something new professionally and personally can be scarry. The voice of other will surly clarify things. If you want to excel in the area of learning & development, spa business, education and training, team motivation and wellness. Reach out and send us a quick mail and we will connect with you to create strategies to go beyond the obstales.

KEYNOTE - Digital
Learning & Development - Education & Training - Team Motivation and Transformation - Wellness & Spa Business

Keynote are meant to be inspirational and add value while being engaging. Fabienne can certainly do all that and more. Her digital keynote will let the participants and viewers into a state of wonder while providing concrete steps that can be put in action quickly. Reach out and we will give you a quick quote depending on your desires.

KEYNOTE - face to face
Self-Confidence - Mindset - Purpose - Self Transformation

While digital keynote are more factual, face to face are certainly more transformational. They bring concept and thoughts that allows the participant to reflect, project themself into the future and give them resources for the years to come. Intrigued? reach out and we will give you a quick quote to make your event unforgettable.

Face to Face - Custom Design

The best way to find solution or create new path is when we can put it into concrete step in an actual physical form. It is the most effective way to bring idea forward and to discuss them in group. Workroom are the efficient way to get a project on the way. Reach out for more details.


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“Follow your little voice”

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