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Re-emergence is making us dance on one foot and the other, but it is not a fun dance. I love dancing, but this one is boring!

It has been over a year, and we have been living in a state of re-emergence. We are constantly re-emerging; our lives are shadowing the rhythms of restrictions, the closing and opening of businesses, as well as the time for human connection. Our social bubble is shrinking and then increasing for a short time to give us false hope of returning to normal. We all know that we will never go back to what we had, but we are now creating new normal.

2021 will be the year of mastering re-emergence

As the vaccine makes slow progression into our life and the mutation of the virus evolution is ever-changing, anticipating the roller coaster of emotional distress will be high on our list of challenges. Yes, it takes a toll on our mental and physical health, but the good news is, as humanity, we have already done this, and our epigenetics should kick in hopefully soon. The difficulty of this is that our generations have not been involved with large-scale global catastrophic challenges, but we can turn to our elders to see that we will be ok. The positive aspect of this is making us more resilient and allowing us to transform, adjust, and reset.  Now we have to think, self-care first.

Selfcare, really?

Taking care of oneself should be the norm, but unfortunately, that has not been the case. It is the only way to survive and thrive and forging longevity and equilibrium to create a wholesome feeling.

Making priority for our health is not an option but the essential part of this re-emergence game, and if you want to play for a while and win, self-care rules will apply, or it will be game over very quickly.

I am not trying to be blunt; the slow mental and physical death we are occurring is undoubtedly here. Especially, as a woman, we tend to take care of others; first, it is in our instincts. Millenniums of nurturing our surrounding, creating a warm feeling in our home and feeding our tribes to a full stomach is definitely in our genes.  So, when I hear friends or co-workers saying I do not have time to take care of myself, I respond, “if you want to keep playing, you do not have a choice.”

Minding self is not going to be a trend! It is a must!

Wellness starts with looking at how we feel and allowing ourselves to feel, so we can be conscious of the choice we need to make. Creating wholesomeness is a mindset that we are learning, putting in action, sensing, and teaching back to our children for a happier life and existence.

But you will say, HOW?

My feelings are crushed; I can barely keep my head above water, I feel like I am drowning, and I do not know where to start. Know that you are not alone, and talking about it with a friend or a coach can remove many burdens.

Using gratefulness can be a tool; being grateful is easy, as we can look for those little miracles around us. Once we create a positive energy field around us, it is much easier to understand and express ourselves and find our place in society or within us. Positives thoughts are the gate to solid health; when combined with affirmation, we can redefine our identity and secure our confidence in a new sense of balance.

If forging longevity and equilibrium is the ultimate goal, then we need to keep dancing this boring dance until we strengthen and fortify our body and mind to a better future with a new bright normal.

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