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Or is it beauty that remakes wellness?

The choice to take care of ourselves is individual; it is a decision and a commitment apparent to each of us. Personally, I decided on wellness, but beauty allows me to get there more quickly.

Beauty is fun, light, and colorful, with many rewards. It is the medium, and wellness is the result. Yes, precisely that, we use the easy step of applying colors to our eyes and lips or a mask to make the skin luminous to achieve inner wellness. Some experts say wellness remakes beauty; I say that beauty is the vector to deep-rooted wellness and the new path to mental wellness and health.

They are no wellness without beauty; it is the must step to confidence, well-being, and balance.

In our society, the outer appearances are the most commonly misunderstood tray of personality. That is why beauty has to be part of the path to wellness.

No man, child, and woman will ever feel complete without feeling beautiful or handsome. The wonderful thing is that there are so many solutions to create beauty around us and within us to help us feel whole.

It is also so easy.

Having been in the beauty industry for over 30 years, I have seen what red lipstick can do to a timid smile or a lifeless face. I have experienced what a cream mask can give to dry, dull skin and bring a light of confidence in mature women. I have witnessed young boys and girls with acne that suddenly felt like they could take on the world because their skin looks normalized. I had observed the sparkle in the grandma’s eyes when their eyebrows were shaped, and their regard became more confident. I had encountered the joy of the gentleman when their beard was trimmed and refreshed.

So many little pleasures allow people to believe in their own beauty, inside and outside.

We have all seen the results:  Their soul rekindle, their confidence strength, their thoughts assured, their steps lighten, their ideas brighten, their mental refreshed, their posture taller, their voice positive, their opinions expressed, their eyes sparkling, their dream rethought, their relationships strengthen, their smiles joyful and so much more that I am forgetting…

For over 30 years, I have understood what beauty can do to the well-being of people; no matter where they are, where they come from, it is universal and cross-generational, and genders neutral. Beauty is the catalyst to wellness, and it is getting a new focus, new attention, an attention that all people want. Beauty is not an indulgence; it is indeed the foundation to a better us and more inclusive society.

The need for more wellness in our lives is upskilling beauty in general, and it has brought a new light to the actual profound benefit of caring about skin and making beautiful faces and hair.

So what has changed?

1- The consumer wants education to learn more about the how and why which has made the experts come out and tutor more

2- The pandemic has made people take accountability for their wellness

3- A large amount of burnout all over the world have made mental health a priority, and starting with the most outer layer of the skin became an easy start

3- The view on Aging and youthfulness is changing. Women and Men over 50 still show their vitality for carrying fiery life in them and want to be recognized as such

4- Beauty is customizable to everyone’s liking, needs, and budget. There is no downside to beauty…

As quoted by neuroscientist Dr. Claudia Aguire:

“We need beauty in our lives; it brings hope, connectedness, and ultimately wellness” I cannot agree more with this, and I have been living this since I was 14 years old. Beauty is part of wellness! End of the story!

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