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Stree relief coaching is the immediate effect of coaching
Do you remember how certain songs, movies, or smells can transport you back to a particular time or place or remind you of someone special?

These experiences leave imprints on our minds and shape our beliefs about the world, which can be positive or negative. I call these imprints “belief boxes”. They have a powerful impact on our behavior and overall well-being throughout our lives.

To achieve stress relief, we need to understand how our thoughts impact our mental well-being.

Our thoughts trigger emotions, which in turn lead to our behaviors. We all have automatic survival behaviors (ASBs), also known as belief boxes, that we’ve developed since birth. These belief boxes trigger emotions that we’ve recorded in the past, and those emotions guide us toward a specific behavior. Our brains function like computer files or AI – we create files, fill them with our experiences, and then use our awareness and comparison skills to keep using the same information repeatedly. However, one day, we may realize that this information no longer serves us well, and we need to make changes. But it’s not easy because our beliefs are on automatic setting. We need to change the information in these belief boxes, which can be done through cognitive behavior therapy and coaching.

Under extreme stress, our minds often switch to “autopilot” mode, relying on automatic survival behaviors. This happens because of a biological response that reallocates blood resources differently, ancient survival mechanisms that default to fight-or-flight responses, and negative emotions like fear, disgust, and anxiety acting as “survival mode” signals. While these mechanisms were essential for survival in the past, they can lead to automatic behaviors that may not serve us well in today’s world.

In summary, our automatic survival behaviors are deeply ingrained due to evolution and stress responses. Understanding this can help us develop more adaptive habits and responses in high-pressure situations.

Our brain is a maze where thoughts travel at the speed of light, connecting and colliding.

With Stress Relief Coaching, we can release the burden that comes with that and help clarify thoughts and priorities, reduce anxiety, improve resilience and coping mechanisms, build self-confidence, enhance life satisfaction, and achieve better work-life balance.

During a coaching session, the coach is here to listen and understand. The coachee drives the process of interoception. All the information and solutions needed are there, and the coachee will find them while being triggered by powerful questions.

What, when, how, where, who…

These questions allow thinking, feeling, visioning, planning, and action, and most people have misunderstandings about coaching. It is not the same as mentoring, Counselling, psychotherapy, training, or consulting.

Back in 2006, Green, Oades, and Grant published a study in the Journal of Positive Psychology showing the effectiveness of cognitive behavioral and solution-focused coaching in promoting well-being and hope among clients.

Outside of coaching or in between your sessions, you can apply some self-care tips to enhance the benefits of your program.
  • Be curious about the people around you; ask authentic questions which you really want to know about
  • Ask for help, and collaborate with your colleague. Support and coach each other
  • Meditation allows for the release
  • Creativity is finding the child within you
  • Visualization is manifesting our dreams
  • Flexibility means releasing the control that keeps us so disconnected from our environment, especially in the VUCA ( volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) world we live in.
  • Affirmation reprograms our beliefs.
  • Empathy allows us to be social and have friends.

There are various ways to relieve stress from our body and mind. Massages at a spa can help your physical body, while stress relief coaching can help your mental wellness.

Everyone needs stress-relieving coaching. Check out the coaching packages I offer; they are so affordable that there is no reason to wait!