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Coaching individual, workshop, and facilitation

Coaching is a highly effective process that can bring about significant positive changes in the workplace. It involves working closely with individuals or teams to identify areas of improvement, set goals, and develop strategies to achieve them. Coaching can help create a more cohesive and solution-focused work environment, leading to natural transformations, improved talent retention, stronger teams, increased curiosity, and a greater sense of safety and belonging.

Our workshops and educational sessions are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the transformation cycle, which is the fundamental system outlined in the book “UNAPOLOGICALLY BOLD.” Whether conducted digitally or in-person, our sessions are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client and are delivered by experienced coaches who are committed to achieving incredible results. By using the transformation cycle, we help individuals and teams to unlock their full potential and achieve their goals.

Individual and personalized coaching:

Individual and personalized coaching is available in two different packs:
Pack of 6 sessions for €540,
Pack of 8 sessions for €720.
Both packs include complementary goals and objective settings. Additionally, a discovery session (1) is available for €100.
All sessions can be conducted either face-to-face or digitally.

Quest to Self-confidence, Resilience, and Purpose via The Transformation Cycle

The 390 coaching workshop

Digital – three live peer and group coaching sessions of 90 minutes – including a copy of the book- Cohort monthly – 390€ per participant

Team workshop:
  1. The Human Factor – the essential attitudes to work along AI

Workshop 3 days – face-to-face only – Each day can stand alone – 3300€

  1. Retain Talents and Motivate Productivity:

Workshop 3hrs – face-to-face or digital – 1900€

  1. The Transformation Cycle for L&D Professionals

Workshop 3hrs – face-to-face or digital – 1900€

  1. Custom Workshop

Workshop 1 day – face-to-face – 2500€

Workshop 3hrs – digital – 950€

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Please note all prices exclude VAT