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Who is Fabienne

In 1967, her journey began in the quaint town of St. Claude, France. At 16, she boldly relocated to bustling Lyon to pursue her passion for beauty and wellness. This choice laid the foundation for her prosperous future. Eventually, she ventured to Chicago to immerse herself in American life, share her European well-being expertise with professionals, and embark on her self-made journey as an executive leader.


Experience the electrifying presence of Fabienne during her captivating keynotes. Gain a glimpse of the invaluable impact she can bring to your event…

Fabienne Lindholm is an electrifying and inspiring figure in the realm of global learning and development. With over three decades of experience, she stands out as a dynamic speaker, and mentor, particularly for women, guiding them to become confident leaders who catalyze positive change.

As a renowned speaker, certified trainer, and coach, Fabienne’s influence extends worldwide. She shares her extensive knowledge of management and well-being. Her approach is both pragmatic and energetic, coupled with a smart and strategic mindset that has consistently driven business growth and team retention.

Her influential speaking style drives change and empowers everyone to take charge in creating a growth mindset in organizations and leaders.

Fabienne’s emotional intelligence and leading-from-the-heart leadership style have made her an exceptional leader. Her personal life reflects her professional ethos; she is a passionate advocate for wellness, a seasoned traveler to over 60 countries, and a respected lecturer across four continents. Her bold, optimistic, compassionate, and humorous personality resonates with people globally, making her a beloved speaker.

My top talks

Self-confidence, purpose, and resilience

The keynote will focus on the importance of self-confidence as the foundation for success and how to consistently build and maintain it. It will also address creating transformative moments that inspire personal growth and change. Additionally, it will cover fostering strength and adaptability, promoting resilience, encouraging team trust, and celebrating successes while learning from failures.


The human factor in an AI world

We will discuss how these new attitudes will foster a greater sense of humanity and propel organizations to prioritize the human factor, making them more powerful. We will explore ways to develop attitudes such as curiosity, empathy, imagination, and kindness to bring equilibrium into the organization. Developing and inspiring the human factor in the organization is no longer a nice-to-have; it will create units that support each other and move in the same direction.


Unleashing Boldness via the Transformation Cycle

Learn and master the three steps for maximum impact. Identify the necessary self-reflection to pave the way for a fulfilling professional life and align it with your personal life. Utilize tips and methods to introspect and self-coach your transformation while effectively integrating your dreams.


Philosophy and approach

Life is a journey of constant evolution and growth. As humans, we are meant to progress, and when we resist this natural movement, life can become challenging and erratic. This is where Fabienne’s Transformation Cycle comes into play, serving as a tool to reflect and inspire changes that align with one’s personal and professional growth.

Transformation cycle

The Transformation Cycle is a process of revisiting the past to relive it in the present and apply it to the future when appropriate. It’s a straightforward method to create anew while preserving the original essence of life. This cycle has been utilized repeatedly for personal growth and professional development with successful impact on whom has used it. It fosters self-confidence, self-love, and resilience, empowering individuals to discover their unapologetically bold personalities. This balance is crucial for achieving harmony between personal well-being and professional responsibilities as life matures and imparts wisdom.

When we integrate the Transformation Cycle with the concept of leading from the heart in the workplace, business becomes an avenue for expression and transformation, enabling people to pursue their dreams. As a leader, I am convinced that the critical value of the future will be to lead with empathy and compassion. Leaders worldwide must embrace trust, collaboration, psychological safety, and cultivate self-confidence. They should foster a sense of purpose and diversity while practicing active listening to understand others truly.

The new attitude of the future will encompass all these elements and more, shaping a world where leadership is heart-centered, impactful, and inclusive.

My biography

Fabienne Lindholm, a seasoned global learning and development executive, brings over thirty years of experience in coaching and motivating teams and individuals. Through her business, Fabienne Lindholm Rev Ups Your Life, she empowers professionals, especially women, to become confident leaders driving positive change and transformation. As a respected speaker, facilitator, and professional coach, she has dedicated her career to promoting wellness and education on a global scale, sharing her insights on management styles, skincare, and well-being.

Before venturing into entrepreneurship, Fabienne led the global education department of a cosmetic company, where she supported teams and professionals worldwide. With over 30 years of executive management experience in the beauty and wellness industry, she managed spa teams and operations for luxury hotels like the Waldorf Astoria and multi-location spas in the USA and consulted at the HARPO – Oprah Winfrey production studio. In the past ten years, she has focused on learning

development, training, and consulting with thousands of individuals, primarily women.

Fabienne is highly capable of leadership development, both at the operational and strategic levels. She is pragmatic, energetic, and smart, and she has a proven track record of delivering rapid and consistent growth for businesses. Her emotional intelligence and ownership of results make her an outstanding leader.
Beyond her professional life, Fabienne has a passion for promoting wellness, traveling to 60 countries, and lecturing on four continents. Her unapologetically bold, optimistic, compassionate, and funny personality has won over audiences worldwide. She has honed her discipline, resilience, and determination as a marathon runner, completing five marathons. Fluent in French and English, Fabienne describes herself as self-made.


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    You are made of your own experiences. Do not forget them, they are part of you.

    Look back to move forward

    If you do not try, you will not know

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    The earth is in constant motion and so are we

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